The story behind Spot Gone!!

I personally make each batch of Spot Gone, every batch is made by me and ♥️.
I started this because my husband is VERY messy, I gave my friends some and they told me over and over again- you need to share this with everyone. So here we are ♥️.

Spot Gone Safe to Use On Fabric, Upholstery, Countertops, Floors- ANYTHING
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Spot Gone All Natural 100% Toxic-Free Enzyme Stain/Odor Remover

Spot Gone is a Water-Based Non-Ionic Surfactant

Water-based means it uses water to remove the stain. It is safe and leaves NO residue. Other products such as soap, solvent or oil based cleaners are toxic, flammable, smelly, leave residue and/or damage the material. Non-Ionic means it does not have a positive+ or a negative- charge so it does not attract or repel dirt/dust. This keeps the cleaned area mark free and will not reappear.

Surfactant breaks up the stain/spot surrounding area so you can dab with a white cloth or paper towel.

Spot Gone is effective on the following and more…

 Wine  Grass  Pet Accidents  Crayon
 Auto Oil  Dirt  Ketchup  Makeup
 Coffee  Fruit Juice  Sauces  Vomit
 Blood  Lipstick   Food Oil  Grease
 Beach Tar  Soft Drinks  Tea  Many Inks
 Ash  Grime  Toner  Ice Cream
 Shoe Polish  Urine  Rust  Tobacco
 Potting Soil  Food  Toothpaste  Coffee
 Cleaning Polish  Tar  Guacamole  Orange

Use Spot Gone on Carpet, Clothes, Floors, Furniture, Countertops, Upholstery, Draperies, Walls, Wood, Cars Interiors, Rugs, and any material safe to be damped by water.¬¬ Spot Gone is All Natural, 100% Non-Toxic, Enzyme, Odor Free.


Spot Gone is an Instant Stain Remover and also a cleaner for carpet, laundry, furniture, countertops and so much more.
Removes coffee, blood, chocolate, sauces, ketchup, guacamole, fruits, food, juices, mud, grass, ink, makeup, wine, grease, pee, poop, vomit and so much more.

Please follow these easy instructions:
• Saturate*Dab*Let Dry*Go
(repeat if necessary)
• More difficult stains- Saturate*Dab* wait minimum 30-45 minutes*Dab*Go
• Stubborn stains- Saturate*let sit for 24 hours*Wash*Go
*after saturate wait 30 sec to 5 minutes. Let the sauce do it’s thing. Dab/Rub with white rag, cloth, paper towel.


All you need to start cleaning with Spot Gone!
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From a Friend yesterday 4/11/20, 🙌🙏 Your "Rebirth" with SpotGone this year, may be helpful to more people than you could predict as we venture into this PANDEMIC. Hydrogen peroxide even kills MOLD!! SpotGone is an Epic product and may be an Epic path for human evolution . A Great product to post on your page... I'm just forwarding a truth I saw in your name and what you are doing for our species (and the planet, since hydrogen peroxide isn't harmful to flora or fauna in proximal use). Carry on.


—Tina F.

“Spot gone” really works! Spots disappear right before your eyes, amazing! And nice to know it’s non-toxic.



. I didn't believe it til I saw it in action!



Great product to clean spots! It works!



“My friend brought over some of her extreme Spot Gone for my son’s football shorts. The mud and grass stains were 100% removed. I have personally tried her product on red wine, a Kool-Aid catastrophe and now mud and grass! LMK if you need a bottle!



  • May your life be Spot Free!!